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S-Curious is a group of companies which works in overall India and S-Curious has many Branches/Children.

S-Curious Research & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

S-Curious Research & Technologies Pvt Ltd. Company provides hardware , Set-Top-Box and Software . We make three kind of Set-Top-Boxes “MPEG-2“, “MPEG-4” and “HD“. We provide the best quality Set-Top-Boxes. if you want your own Set-Top-Boxes , you can order and get them. We improves the quality of Set-Top-Boxes day by day. Set-Top-Boxes is an information appliance device that generally contains a TV-tuner input and displays output to a television. These Set-Top-Boxes widely used in all over India. we also provide software of Set-Top-Boxes. We develop Software such as : CAS, SMS, EPG,CRM, School Management System , Pay TV, Cable Cart, SMS App for STB and Many More. We take a focused ‘problem solving’ approach to building the right solutions that help our customers and provide End to end solution to reduce the problem and provide 24×7 Customer Support.
S-Curious knows the trends and business drivers in the STB market and has informed insight into the future of personal and business connectivity.

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